~ your Midlife Strategist. I’m here to guide you on your journey to EXPLORE, DISCOVER, and CREATE an extraordinary midlife.

Are you headed into your middle years bored, searching for a fresh sense of purpose, and wondering what life looks like going forward?  I get it.  After focusing my entire life on my family, I found myself at midlife bored, unfulfilled and with a nagging feeling of wanting more.  I had so much life left to live, and I was NOT ready to slow down.  So, I began my quest to make midlife my best life.


…always ready with support and encouragement

…provides a safe environment to express feelings and needs without judgement

…emphasizes accountability and provides motivation to stay on track to reach goals

…enthusiastic mentor with a positive attitude

…creative thinker, problem solver and ability to view situations from all angles to find the best solutions

…approachable and responsive in all situations

…natural conversationalist with the ability to draw people in by asking questions and giving useful insight

Are you ready to make midlife your best life?

What if you woke up every morning energized and ready to take on the day? What if you were living your life on purpose ~ YOUR purpose?

This can be you! All you need is just one “right” move and then the next “right” move, and so on.

Dare to be your strongest, most creative, most authentic self.

Let’s get moving….

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