A 3-month in-depth, high-touch program designed for women over 40 looking to get unstuck and feel alive again. The woman in her middle years ready to uncover her passion, discover her purpose and design a future of meaningful experiences, enriching work, and a fulfilling life.

can you relate?

I’m not sure what this chapter of my life is going to be.

You’ve spent your adult life raising children and taking care of your family’s needs. Now that your family does not require your undivided attention, you have more free time but you have no idea what to do with it. You are definitely not ready for the rocking chair and your mind is swimming with thoughts and ideas of what to do next. These thoughts are are like a tidal wave taking your brain into overload. Overwhelm sets in and you immediately retreat to the same old boring life. You need direction and a road map to follow to kick start your journey into midlife.

I’m living by default. Waking up each day and letting life happen to me.

You’ve hit your middle years and you realize that you’ve been basically living by default not by design. Living day to day as the passenger in your own car with no control over the destination. Without a true sense of purpose your life is average. You’ve done everything you thought you were suppose to do but missed what your heart desired to do.

I’m wondering if this is all there is in the second stage of my life. I feel like I am missing something but not sure what it is and how to discover it.

You wonder if it’s too late to start a new adventure whether it be at a new job; in a new relationship; or start a business. Entrenched in your comfort zone, the thought of shaking things up, living on purpose and starting something new is daunting. Where do you start? What is the next step?

I feel stuck and restless, searching for the vibrant self I know is inside.

You seem to have it all going for you - a great family, good job, financial stability but it’s not enough. You feel stuck with an underlying restlessness. You know you have so much to offer to the world but don’t how to uncover your gifts.

I drag myself out of bed every morning just to dig into the long litany of “to do” items, most of them for the benefit of others.

You are so used to doing things for others that you have forgotten to put yourself first. In fact, you feel selfish and guilty for even thinking about doing something for yourself. As a result, you ignore your self-care and continue to check off the items on your “to do” list that don’t benefit you.

I don’t like the way I look and feel. I lack energy and I am not taking care of my body.

You avoid the mirror at all costs. You watch the numbers on the scale increase and your endurance and physical capacity decrease.


Just Imagine This….


YOU TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE and are living with intention and purpose.


YOU ARE EMPOWERED TO TAKE STEPS to be your strongest, most creative, most authentic self.

YOU HAVE A STRONG SENSE OF PURPOSE and know what midlife holds for you.

YOU MAKE SELF-CARE A PRIORITY making you feel more alive and vibrant.

YOU NO LONGER ARE AFRAID OF THE SCALE OR MIRROR and love the way you feel in your own skin.


what you get with the program….

In this 3-month in-depth, high-touch program we will work together to get you unstuck and moving forward toward your authentic self.  I will work closely with you to uncover your passion, discover your purpose and create an actionable road map with clear tools to design a future of meaningful experiences, enriching work, and a fulfilling life. You will be empowered to find clarity to fulfill your own potential.

This program involves three stages starting with inner work and instituting daily self-care practices; followed by the action stage where you will be given specific exercises to discover interests, strengths and skills resulting in a solid understanding of your passion and purpose.

The final stage is all about creating a road map to use as a course of action to guide progress toward living your best life at midlife.


As a women in the middle (just like you), I realized I wanted more in life and there was no better time than the present. What I didn’t realize was that doing it on my own would take me in circles and lead me to information that didn’t quite fit this stage in life. As a result, I developed this program so you can take the direct route to making midlife your best life.

My goal is for you to walk away energized and motivated to successfully navigate modern midlife.

Here’s what you can expect:


Welcome Packet

Upon enrollment, you will receive my Welcome Packet to complete prior to your On-Boarding Call. You will be given the opportunity to share your current needs and desired outcomes and goals. This information will be used during our On-Boarding call to formulate a plan of action.

On-Boarding Call

This 90 minute call outlines all the ins and outs of the 12-week program and I’ll answer all of your questions. At the end of the call you will have a thorough understanding of the program and we will have charted a course for success.

9 x 45 Minute Private Call

We do 3 weekly calls a month, followed by 1 week off for review and to give you the opportunity to stay on track. You will receive a total of 9 private calls during the entire program.

Unlimited Email Support Between Calls

Have questions, concerns, or need clarity between calls? I got you! You get unlimited support from me throughout.

Action Steps with Accountability

Action breeds clarity and now is your time to get moving. My goal is to keep you moving forward. Find yourself getting stuck? No worries, I’m here for you. I’ll give you the jump start you need to get unstuck.

Suggested Reading

I believe life-long learning is a key to success. I will share my favorite reading list that kept me moving on my journey to making midlife my best life.

Copy of FREE Recipe Guide

Plus These Bonuses

  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for clients to connect, receive support and encouragement, and talk everything midlife.

  • INVITATION TO A TRUE NORTH TRAVELER GATHERING; a live full-day experiential journey centered around sensory experiences and deep conversations about creating a story that is uniquely yours.

  • INVITATION TO A MIDLIFE REVOLUTION SALON; an evening of connection, inspiration and camaraderie with other women in the middle.

  • INCLUSION IN THE MIDLIFER BOOK CLUB; each quarter we will read and discuss a book pertinent to living in midlife.


who is the program for?

This program is your ticket to the best midlife ever if you are ready to do what it takes to really explore your life; discover what is and isn’t working; and then take the action required to create midlife on your terms. If you are ready to explore the possibilities and set a course for a new you in midlife, click the button below.

This program is not right for you if you are content with midlife and you don’t feel the need to make any changes and/or do the work necessary to see results.


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